Air Traffic Controller Negligence

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Air Traffic Controller's have been recognized as having one of the most stress-inducing occupations in the entire continental United States. The unyielding rigors of navigating air traffic and being responsible for clear airport landing strips is a commendable occupation. But sometimes air traffic controllers make grievous errors that can result in personal injury and even loss of life.

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Potentially liable parties vary depending on the cause of an aviation accident. In some instances, the owners or operators of aircrafts involved in a crash may be deemed liable. In other cases, causes of the aviation accident may leave signs that point the finger of responsibility toward manufacturers or those in charge of maintaining an aircraft. In one recent case, a company that leased a plane to an inexperienced pilot was found to be liable. This large number of large of liable parties underscores the need for an experienced and expert aviation attorney to find answers on who is the liable party to blame.

The Air Traffic Procedures Advisory Committee (ATPAC) makes recommendations for standardizing, clarifying, and upgrading present air traffic control procedures and practices. It also has the function of reviewing new or revised procedures necessary to accommodate changing air traffic control concepts.

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