Pilot Error and Negligence Lawsuit

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Pilot is responsible for the safety of his or her passenger every time he or she takes the helm of an airplane. Whenever you fly on a commercial airline or private airplane you put your life into the hands of the pilot. In the vast majority of instances, these pilots are careful and maintain a high standard of performance in piloting the aircraft. But sometimes negligent pilots subvert the profession by excercising careless practices and thus making errors in judgment that can lead to personal injury and even wrongful death.

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The liability of the parties possibly responsible is often varied in aviation accidents. Possible liable parties may include the operators or the owners of an airline, or in other instances, supplies, manufacturers, and maintenance businesses may have been responsible. Other times, simply pilot error is to blame. Expert and experienced aviation attorneys help prove your case by finding the responsible and liable party or parties.

Aviation Accidents occur for many reasons, including Pilot Error and Negligence. Other common reasons for Aviation Accidents include:

  • Drunk pilots
  • Pilot Intoxication
  • Small Plane Crash Icing
  • Maintenance Problems
  • Violating FAA Regulations
  • Structural Design Problems
  • Defective Plane Parts
  • Flight Employee Negligence
  • Air Traffic Controllers
  • Fueling Aircraft Negligence
  • Third Party's Negligence
  • Airport Administration
  • Commercial Airline Errors
  • Commercial Manufacturing

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