Violating FAA Regulations

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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the U.S. agency that governs and regulates civil aviation. Formed in 1958, The FAA has been promoting safety in the aviation industry and fining both cargo and passenger airlines for any and all violations. Millions of people travel by airplane on a yearly basis to visit loved ones, business, or simply for the love of flying. Without a governing body regulating flight and safety standards, major corporations would cheat their clients out of proper safety procedures and may even endanger passengers. Not to mention cheating them out of their hard earned money!

The FAA is a necessary agency in today’s world. Lax safety procedures in the workplace are not an uncommon and given the dangerous situations that may arise during a coast to coast flight, there is no doubt a proactive governing agency is needed. But often times, the FAA files unnecessary violations and sanctions to aviation professionals and companies. Unwarranted accusations and charges may ruin a pilot or aviation professional’s career. If you have been charged with a violation of FAA regulations, you will need an attorney with experience in the field of aviation law to help you consider your options.

There are two kinds of action the FAA takes regulation violators:

  1. Legal Enforcement Actions
  2. Administrative Enforcement Actions

The federal aviation regulations explained that legal enforcement  are defined by the FAA as sanctions that may result in hefty fines and revocation of your FAA aircraft license.

Administrative Enforcement Actions are a less serious type of infraction that may result in a suspension of the aviation professional.

The FAA has the right to sanction or seek legal enforcement against anyone who they have issued an aviation license to. But they do not have the right to tarnish your reputation. Please contact us today if you have issues with possible faa regulation on infractions.

The following are common violations of FAA regulations:

  • Hazardous Materials Violations
  • Safety Violations
  • Flight Violations
  • Expired License Violations

Have you been accused of violating FAA regulations? If you or anyone you know is in need of expert representation, please contact us now.

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