Aviation Businesses and Services

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The airline industry is a multi-billion dollar industry one of the largest industries in the world. Millions of passengers use airline services to fly from one city to another every day. As one of the safest ways to travel, the business side of flying on airliners or single-engine airplanes has evolved to encompass many satellite businesses and services. Examples of aviation-related businesses and services include the avionics industry and courier service business. These businesses and services are often regulated by FAA standards of safety and quality.

Aircraft Avionics

Aircraft Avionics is the business of designing the electronic devices and components of aircrafts. Simply put, avionics is aviation electronics. Anything from the GSP devices to airplane antennas are considered avionics. The buying and selling of avionic devices is a major part of the aviation industry. Without the proper equipment at hand, airlines would find their airplanes depreciating in value and they will be unable to meet consumer demand.

The following are a list of common aircraft avionic devices and components:

  • Altitude Encoders
  • Antennas
  • Electro-mechanical Devices
  • Engine Instruments
  • Experimental/Kit A/C
  • GPS Units
  • Handhelds
  • Headsets
  • In Flight Entertainment
  • Personal Locators
  • Slide In Replacements
  • Transponders
  • Audio Panels – ICS
  • ELT

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Valuation Services

Another major business directly linked to the aviation industry is aircraft valuation services. Certified aircraft valuation services appraise the value of not only airplanes but also spare avionic devices, tools, and airplane amenities. Detail oriented appraisals are an important factor in the process of purchasing an airplane. Buyers will want to consider an airplane’s damage and maintenance history, flight logs, and AD compliance.

Other major business and services for the aviation industry include:

  • Aviation Consulting Services
  • Aviation Business Appraisal
  • Corporate Acquisition Services
  • Aviation Consulting

Are you in need of an expert in the field of Aviation and Aviation Law? Please contact the nearest Aviation Attorney today!

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