In-Flight Injuries

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How In-Flight Injuries Happen and What to Do

Injuries can occur when using any vehicle, regardless of size, method of travel, and function whether the individual is a passenger or operator. In-flight injuries, although rare, are still common enough they warrant individuals who have been hurt to have an understanding of what his or her rights are and what he or she can do afterwards. The injured party must find out who is responsible, whether it is the airline or manufacturer, and what steps, if any, can be taken in order for the individual to seek damages.

Who is Responsible?

If an individual is a passenger, he or she will have to determine if the manufacturer or operator is responsible, and why the accident occurred. If an individual was hurt before or after disembarking the aircraft, it is unlikely the manufacturer, or in some instances the airline, is responsible. However, if an injured resulted during the operation of the aircraft it is far more likely the airline or manufacturer was responsible. In some instances, it may be that although every step was taken accidents still occur and is not preventable by any parties.

If a mechanical failure occurred, it may have been the result of either faulty equipment, which is the fault of the manufacturer, or the maintenance crew, who was responsible for making sure the aircraft was operational at all levels. If a crash occurred as the result of negligence, the operator/pilot may be responsible for not properly understanding his or her aircraft and how to operate it. An airline and its employees are responsible for making sure all passengers are properly seated and assisted both in and out of the aircraft, before and after flying. Once you have determined who the responsible party is, it is best to seek damages concerning what occurred to your safety and person.

Actions to Take

Depending on the extent of the damages incurred, the party seeking damages will have need to determine who is responsible and whether what occurred was the result of negligence. If it was due to negligence or the result of faulty equipment, the injured party will have the right to seek further action against the party responsible. Airlines and manufacturers have a duty to perform their functions to the best of their ability and anything less is liable in court, especially if an injury or death occurred.

If you believe you have incurred an in-flight injury, it is best to seek an attorney as only an attorney will be able to not only properly investigate the injury, but also to seek litigation for you after determining his or her findings concerning your injury. A proper understanding of in-flight injuries is necessary and you will not wish to state anything to the airline or manufacturer which may hurt your case before it has the chance to be heard in court.