What Is The Liability Of The Airline To Pay For My Lost Luggage?

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I was recently on a flight from London to New York and the airlines lost my luggage. What is their liability and how much are they monetarily responsible for per bag?


One of the most common items that airlines are responsible for is your luggage.  The airline liability includes the loss, the delay or damage to baggage and is limited to a certain amount unless the passenger declared a higher value for the baggage and paid an additional fee to transport it.  The federal loss limit allowed is $3,300 per piece of luggage for domestic liability.  International liability limit is $9.07 per pound, up to $640 per checked bag and $400 per passenger for unchecked luggage.

The Warsaw Convention covers claims for damage that occurs during international flights and the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that this provides the exclusive remedy for damages that occur on international flights.  The Montreal Convention which was adopted in 1999, amended provisions of the Warsaw Convention’s regime concerning compensation for the victims of air disasters.  The Montreal Convention established rules relating to the international carriage of passengers, baggage and cargo, more specifically death or injury to passengers, delay, and loss, delay or damage to baggage.  The limit for claims on baggage is $1,000 Special Drawing Rights per passenger.