The Airport Lost my Luggage; What Can I Do to Recover My Financial Losses From the Items Inside the Bag?

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I just flew from San Francisco to New York City. After landing and waiting at one of the luggage carousels, I discovered that all of my bags have been lost. What can I do to recover my financial losses for the items inside the bags, as well as the luggage itself ?



At present, the most you can be compensated on domestic flights for your lost baggage is $3,300 per person (unless you purchased special insurance for this purpose.) Before calling the airline you flew on, you might want to access the carrier’s Internet Web site to see how they suggest you handle this type of claim.

Be aware that you can often request a small amount of money from the airline to help you temporarily replace some of your missing clothing or other possessions before a final decision is reached regarding your lost luggage claim. (Bags are rarely permanently lost).

If your losses are extremely high and you can’t obtain an adequate settlement with your airline, you might want to consult with an aviation attorney to see if there is any other legal remedy available to you. 

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