I was recently removed from an airline before taking flight because my child was disruptive. He has ADHD. Is this legal?

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My son was behaving in a very unruly manner on a plane. He’s 4 and has ADHD. I do my best to control him, but it’s hard. Well, before take off, we were removed form airplane due to his bad behavior. It was so embarrassing. Everyone watched as we were kicked off airplane.

I had to buy another ticket on a different airline to go home and it cost me money. Do I have a legal right to sue the airline or get my money back?



Under federal aviation law, it is the right and obligation of the pilot to do anything necessary to ensure the safety of the flight. If your child was creating a disturbance that had the potential to endanger the safety of any passenger, the airline was probably within their legal rights to remove you from the plane. However, every situation is different and without knowing the full details of your child’s behavior, it is impossible to determine whether the airline was out of line in their actions.

If you have any questions regarding whether the airline acted properly, you should consult with an experienced aviation attorney who may be able to discuss options with you for recourse against the airline.

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