Liability in a Plane Accident

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The liability of the party responsible in accidents in aviation is determined by what happened and who the party responsible is for preventing the accident from occurring. This may fall into a number of different categories including:

  • Owner/Operator
  • Manufacturer
  • Federal/FAA

These three different areas cover all liability concerning the plane accident and what occurred. If an individual who is injured believes he or she has reason to seek a claim, proper reasoning behind this must first be found. In order to accomplish this, it is necessary to understand who is liable for what part of an accident which includes the aforementioned groups.


If an aircraft failed due to proper maintenance being observed, this liability falls onto the party who is the owner and/or operator. This party is charged with all maintenance and operator of the vehicle, whether it is in the air on the ground. If, however, an aircraft failed as the result of any steps taking in production, whether preventative or other, the liability is on the manufacturer who should have taken the correct steps to prevent the incident. Although not all accidents can be prevented, if it is determined by a test that the manufacturer should have known and reported the issue could have occurred and either issued a warning or replaced the issue, the manufacturer is liable. However, if proper precautions were warned and stated beforehand, and the issue performed as declared, there is no liability on the fault of the manufacturer but instead the owner/operator.

If an incident occurred as a result of federal guidelines or a mistake made by the faa regulations part, the liability is placed on the federal government, at which point any airplane injury party should seek damages from the government. In some instances, the incident may have been the result of faulty equipment, which once again will need to be evaluated based on what occurred and who might be liable for the faulty equipment. However, this part falls on the federal aviation regulations part of the government to deal with.

Seeking Damages

It can be difficult to know who is at fault, especially if you are dealing with any injuries or a possible death as a result of the injury which occurred. If you need to seek information on what occurred, it is best to consult with aviation accident attorneys if you believe you will need assistance. In addition, the attorney will have more resources at his or her disposal in order to determine what happened and what steps should be taken if any to rectify the situation.

It is advisable that individuals do not seek action on their own as they may not have a proper understanding of what occurred. If the injured party continues on his or her own, he or she may hurt his or her case instead of helping it. In addition, further assistance may be obtained which the injured party had not considered.

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