Aircraft Transaction Disputes

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Aircraft transaction disputes are all too common in aviation, leading to frustration and possible monetary loss for the parties involved. Purchase and lease agreements, service agreements, and partnerships are all common grounds for dispute in the aviation business. If you feel as though your aircraft transaction rights are on the line, it’s important to understand that such disputes are common and may be settled without taking the issue to court.

Disputes in Aircraft Transactions

A transaction dispute can mean many things. For instance, if services are not rendered or parts are not received as promised, if the condition of the aircraft is not as advertised, or if an aircraft sold does not meet airport regulations, two parties may have a difficult time resolving the matter. This is particularly true when the language used in a written agreement is not specific enough to settle such issues. Both parties may end up feeling shortchanged in such a dispute, leading to a lengthy—and often costly—resolution.

Regulatory Issues and Conflicts Between Parties

Because two parties involved in an aviation dispute might be unfamiliar with the legal framework of aircraft transactions, disputes often arise. This does not mean that the parties involved are uninterested in resolving the matter or are attempting to get money out of the other; rather, the complex language involved in crafting an aircraft transaction contract may be foreign to them. The aviation business is large and complicated, and a variety of factors from government regulations to safety concerns make crafting transactions all the more difficult.

Settling Transactional Disputes and Resolutions

Oftentimes, aviation disputes are settled in court. The process can be lengthy, and may cost both parties an inordinate amount of money and effort in an attempt to prove their case. Other options are also on the table: aircraft transaction arbitration or mediation, for instance, is generally less costly than directly pursuing litigation in a case. However, each individual case is different, and each may require dramatically different means to settle an argument.

Help from an Aviation Attorney

No matter the issue, seeking legal help from a qualified lawyer is often your best bet in preventing a dispute and settling one if and when it arises. Law firms with experience in aviation issues and aircraft transactions will be able to help both parties in a dispute work toward a resolution that works for all parties.

Mediation or arbitration can be a helpful and less expensive option for many parties willing to work together to settle a dispute. However, other forms of dispute resolution are also available, and legal counsel will help you to decide a course of action that’s right for you.