Aviation Contracts

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Aviation contracts often simply take the form of highly specialized business contracts. They can cover such matters as aircraft leasing or aircraft sales and purchases. They can also cover the rights of individual pilots and airlines to use specific airport facilities such as landing strips and storage hangars.

The federal government frequently enters into its own aviation contracts, both within the United States and internationally. General employment contracts for both airport and airline workers, as well as aircraft maintenance contracts are other common forms of aviation contracts.

What probably distinguishes the aviation contract from many of its more general business counterparts is its references to various federal agency guidelines and statutes. The following sections will review some of the most common types of aviation contracts.

Types of Aviation Contracts and Uses

Airport Usage Contracts

All airlines must secure the contractual right to fly in and out of airports. Private pilots must also enter into contracts with airports after providing proof of their current licensing status. Aviation attorneys are often required to interpret the provisions of many of these contracts, although a general business lawyer can also help with such basic matters as breach of contract and other common causes of action.

Since many airports need to accept some federal funding, they must also be careful to follow all Federal Aviation Administration guidelines in their contracts. Legal conflicts often arise when one airline accuses others of not allowing proper  competition at the airport.

Airport Employment Contracts

Although aviation contracts have long included a number of special security provisions, nearly all of them have greatly increased their security requirements in the wake of  9/11. Therefore, airline and airport worker employment contracts require rigorous background checks to be run on all such job applicants. All of these contracts require special drafting and interpretation, especially when challenged in the courts.

Aircraft Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance workers’ unions and other groups regularly contract with airports and airlines dependent on their services while various aircraft wait to take off on their next flights. Attorneys must narrowly draft many of these contracts to protect the airlines from certain liabilities that should remain attributable to the maintenance crews.

Military Airport Aviation Contracts

The federal government employs thousands of civilians and military staff in its military bases around the world. Numerous business contracts are entered into with private  vompanies to supply goods to these airports that the government needs but does not manufacture. Furthermore, the U. S. government has leased airport usage rights from a number of other countries. At times, issues arise that require legal interpretation of these contracts.

Getting Legal Help

If you personally fly a plane or have a business that provides construction or other regular services to an airport, you may occasionally need to consult with an aviation attorney. Please seek out one of our lawyers so they can help you properly protect your rights by either carefully interpreting or drafting various aviation contracts on your behalf.