Purchasing Very Light Jets

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Recent developments in the modern aviation industry have produced what is known as a VLJ, or a Very Light Jet.  These aircraft differ from other private jets, but also, are commonly noted as very light jets, micro jets, personal jets, or mini-jets.  The main buyers and sellers of very light jets include corporations, private owners and pilots, private air taxi services, and other business entities requiring travel. The appeal of these aircraft to most businesses and private individuals is their relatively inexpensive costs when compared to other business jets.  Aside from the cost, the relatively small nature of the planes requires less upkeep and less maintenance than other comparable jets available in the private sector.  

Process of Light Jet Purchases

However, the purchase process for very light jets requires several legal matters that must be dealt with before a plane is ready to fly.  These will include tax liability at the state and federal level for the purchase, as well insurance costs, hangar spaces, as well as other membership fees and approvals for plane, crew, and pilots.  There are additional considerations about the ownership of a plane, whether it is fractional, full, or some other variation.  Additional concerns over the state of aircraft must be address, such as if the very light jet meets Stage Three Federal Aviation compliancy, which will allow it to land at the majority of U.S. airports.

Essentially, to obtain a classification as a very light jet, the craft should weigh less than ten thousand pounds, and when in flight, should require only one pilot.  Variation does occur, however, these planes commonly carry five to six passengers with two engines in place.  The types of jets that fall into this category include:

  • Tam-Air Epic Elite Jet
  • Spectrum 33
  • Eclipse 500
  • Diamond D Jet
  • Cessna Citation Mustang
  • HondaJet
  • Excel-Jet SportJet
  • Embraer Phenom 100
  • ATG Javelin
  • Adam Aircraft A700

Attorney Advice on Purchasing Very Light Jets

An aviation attorney can provide clients with important legal advice regarding the purchase and sale of a very light jet, including address breach of contract obligations and ensuring all appraisals are accurate and legitimate.  While using a very light jet an attorney can provide counsel on personal liability protection while flying very light jets, as well as personal liability protection in the event of an accident.  Damage claims stemming from an accident, or even simply addressing legal claims is a costly, arduous process, which almost everyone wishes to avoid.