Aviation Tort Claims and Defense

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Aviation claims often stem from general aviation accidents from private planes and small commercial operations, although claims against major carriers also do occur.  In any case, aviation claims fall under the laws and regulations set forth by the FAA and the NTSB.  In theory, pilots and aircraft managers adhering to both the FAA regulations and the NTSB rulings should not suffer any adverse consequences during flights, nor would they in the courts.  However, negligence does occur, and if this negligence results in aviation accidents causing injury, an aviation negligence attorney should be consulted.  An aviation negligence attorney should specialize specifically in injury cases stemming from aircraft accidents and other aviation related incidents.  Given the complex nature of aviation itself, handling an aviation litigation case is best left to experienced and educated aviation claims attorneys who can handle your legal interests for you.

Defendants in Civil Aviation Claims Cases

Civil aviation claims also widely vary based on the named defendants, or persons held at fault, in a given case.  Though not a comprehensive list, here are just a few of the potentially liable parties in civil aviation claims cases, including:

  • Aircraft makers and designers
  • Aircraft marketers
  • Pilots and co-pilots
  • Aircraft maintenance crews and repair crews
  • Ground control personnel
  • Owners, operators, and maintenance teams controlling landing strips and runways

Getting Legal Help for Aviation Accident Claims

Given the litany of items needed for an aircraft to operate smoothly, multiple entities are in part responsible for a passenger’s safe travel.  When one of these entities fails their duty to passengers, causing accidents or injury, aviation claims requesting damages may be made against these responsible parties.  Having an attorney represent your interests in complex aviation accident litigation is essential to obtaining any form of favorable settlement offer or outcome in your civil aviation accident case.