Sue for Turbulence Injuries?

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Contrary to the news media portrayal of the airline industry, catastrophic crashes or hijackings are the least common cause of aviation complaints and airplane injuries.  In fact, the most commonly cited airplane injuries revolve around in-flight turbulence.  Among the most commonly cited aviation complaints filed in court as well as those relating to injuries sustained while in an airplane that came under heavy or sudden turbulence. 

Almost all passengers on flights have experienced turbulence to some degree, however, in small numbers of flights, the turbulence becomes severe enough to cause passengers to experience injuries, such as whiplash or other strain related injuries in the back or neck areas.  Additionally, one of the most dangers situations during turbulence is the luggage from overhead compartments, which may become dislodged and cause blunt trauma to passengers, especially the elderly or young children.

Proving Liability in Turbulence Injury Related Cases

Normally, airlines take these situations very seriously, however, lingering injuries, which may not even appear immediately following the incident, such as whiplash, should be looked at by medical professionals.  This costs money, so does any further medical care, rehabilitation, lost wages, damaged property, or other losses due to the turbulence injuries.  In cases of luggage from overhead compartments especially, airlines can be held liable for their failure to secure these items properly, as well as protect passengers from them during turbulence.  Aviation complaints usually take on the form of aviation class action lawsuits, which involve multiple passengers with similar complaints stemming from the same negligent action or violation of federal aviation regulations. 

Getting Legal Help for Turbulence Injuries

Having an aviation attorney represent your aviation class action lawsuits for violations of federal aviation regulations is required by law, but also, having additional counsel to deal with the class action case for you personally is highly advisable.  In this case, your interests will not be lost amid other passenger’s complaints, nor will your rights and wishes be lost in a majority vote regarding how to proceed with a given case or settle.