Private Aviation Accident

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Private aviation accidents are more common in the United States than commercial aviation accidents. Private aviation accidents are also known as general aviation accidents and include corporate planes, private planes, gliders and other non-commercial aircraft. In 2006, there were than 1,500 general aviation accidents in this country resulting in many injuries and approximately 700 deaths, according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

Involved in a Private Aviation Accident?

If you have been hurt, or a loved one has been killed, in a private airplane liability must be established before you can recover damages. Private airplane liability depends on who was at fault, or whose negligence caused, the accident.

For example, private jet accident liability may rest on:

  • the pilot,
  • the owner of the aircraft,
  • the company who chartered the aircraft,
  • the aircraft’s mechanic; or
  • a company that supplied the aircraft with parts.

Any of these parties may be subject to private jet accident liability if they failed to exercise reasonable care and if that failure to exercise reasonable care was the cause of the victim’s injuries.

Lawsuits and Damages in a Private Aviation Accident Case

Once a plaintiff establishes that one, or more, of the above parties is liable for the injuries caused in the accident then the plaintiff may recover damages if the plaintiff was a victim in the accident or is a surviving relative of a deceased victim of the accident. Potential damages include:

  • Compensation for past, current and future lost income related to the accident;
  • Payment for past, current and future medical bills related to the accident;
  • Payment for all rehabilitation costs related to the accident;
  • Compensation for any out of pocket expenses such as funeral costs, childcare or household help necessitated by the accident; and
  • Payment for pain and suffering caused by the accident.

How an Aviation Lawyer Can Help You

An aviation lawyer can help a victim, or a victim’s survivors, investigate an accident, identify potential defendants, establish liability and litigate an aviation accident case. An aviation lawyer can also help potential defendants mount a strong defense and defend themselves in private aviation accident cases. It is, therefore, important for both plaintiffs and defendants to be represented by aviation counsel.

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